Browsing the Internet you will find hundred of company doing prototyping and proposing their services. Some of them have marvellouss website but very poor technical performance while other have very good performance and very dirty marketing approach. Some of them have many brand new machine but don’t know how to use them properly while some are expert at using old machine and have only very few of them. Some suppliers, are perfectly suited for a certain type of items, material or technics and some other are not. Finding the right rapid prototype manufacturer can be a challenge.

Like we were, you are probably lost among all those potential suppliers and you are unsure where to go to realize your prototype, fast, perfectly and at competitive cost. Like most of people developping product, time to market is important and you can not afford to test each manufacturer one by one to finally find which one is good and which one is not.

Like you, we have been in your situation and we have invested substantial time to source, assess, audit and test all those suppliers for you. Which one is good, which one is fast, which one has competitive cost, which one is good for CNC, which one is efficient in vacum casting, which one has good source for foreign imported resine and which one know where to buy very high end aluminum.

We have made all those work, and it took us years to do so, but finally we have been able to sort out and establish pool of best suited supplier for each type of material and technics needed to produce rapid prototype.

Today, you are going to benefit all this due diligence work we have done by enjoying our one stop shop rapid prototyping service using a sincle contact point for all your prototypes. Finish, the time where you would have to explain everything to people who only have an english background and who don’t understand the technical parts.

You are going to save time, you are going to make sure to get a proper cost and above all you are going to make sure your parts prototype are made properly according to your requirement.


Our mother company, primarily a product development company has been developping products for years. Product development is a long process that include prototyping phase. This prototyping phase aim to veriy engineering, validate assembly and concept. We accompany our client during the product development process by handling the rapid prototyping phase in the most efficient possible way by making your prototype quickly, perfectly and by providing an excellent price for value. We also supply with valuable advice and our other services such as mechanical engineering, or CAD design can also help you with your designs if needed.

So, in short we help customers to get a first taste of what their product will be in real by transforming their CAD file into physical product.


Our network of rapid prototyping factories is covering all over China, and most of them are located in Guangdong Province. In order to keep control of the operation we have invested in some factories we work with so we are sure that we can be listended and get a minimum of authority as it should be.

This ensure you that you will get your prototype on time and according to your specifications.


Our team is here to help you with advice as we understand that people willing to make some prototype may not always have the experience that we have. Advice and guidance is important and face to so many technics to realize prototype, you may be lost to choose which one to use.

We are glad to supply advice and help and review your CAD file before prototyping stage for a few dollars more.


When working with us, you are in touch with a technical team that speaks your language, understand your market and have a deep knowledge of the process.

Your interface in our company is not just a chinese-english translator but a bilingual technical manager who understand both commercial and technical aspect of your need. We know the whole product development process and manufacturing as well.

As we are living and breathing ISO 9001 standard (our management is ISO 9001 Lead Auditor certified by Bureau Veritas), we have a systematic and process approach to project management and product realization. All our process are properly documented, traceability is achieved and thanks to our ERP we have a tight monitoring on the operation from your request till the delivery of your parts.


Our clients are usually amazed by the quality of the parts they received. They used to use 3D printing at home, and when they received some CNC machined parts which look the same as real mass production part usually the comparison is made quickly.

The reason for it is we are a company owned and managed by foreigners and although we are located in China full time, we have not changed our mindset when moving from the west to the east. Our core management team has a strong background in quality inspection and quality control, all parts we manufactured are strictly inspected on a one by one basis before any packing and shipment. As mentionned earlier, all our processes are properly documented and each step of the process is sharply monitored which ensure repeatability.

Particularly we have strong quality control process by performing Incoming Quality Control when purchasing raw materials, In-Process Quality Control during fabrication of your product, and Final Quality Control before shipping any part to you. You may not find this process in every other company, however this is how we work and this his how we ensure a perfect quality of the parts we deliver to our customers and a proper delivery time. Quite often, companies just perform a Final Quality Control at the end of the process, this is where they discover that something went wrong and they have to rework everything adding an extra 5 days to the lead time whereas they could have corrected defects much earlier and would have save time to their customer.

We understand that for this activity, material selection is essential. You can not make a good cake if you don’t use good ingredients. If you get a product with lower material quality standard, you will probably end up with a lower quality product. This is as simple as it.

In China, fake or substitute material are omnipresent on the market. For this reason we have a strong quality control and quality assurance process implemented during the sourcing and procurement phase aiming to ensure the right materials are used for the right project. In particular, this means that we control where the material are coming from by selecting reliable and authorized suppliers and distributor of raw materials which we regularly audit on site.


We work with a very systematic approach and with a network of several different prototype companies which we have selected and for some of them even invested in.

On this base, instead of working with a single supplier being tied to it and dependant on, we have capability to switch quickly to another reliable supplier if we find out that the first one is overbooked with order and would not be able to reach the deadline to deliver.

We quite often see some customers who start working with one supplier promising to deliver on time but who finally fail to do so because they get a peak time and queue their customer behind their biggest customers.

Working with a full network of qualified supplier give us this flexibility to be able to deliver on time.